Vintage Land Rover Defender

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Vintage Land Rover Defender

Ever dreamt of driving a vintage luxury SUV around Staten Island? If you’re the type of driver who likes cruising on the streets as much as trekking off-road, then you’ll certainly be interested in learning about the vintage Land Rover Defender. Find out how you can get behind the wheel at Land Rover Edison!

Land Rover Defender History

The Land Rover Defender dates back to 1948, and it went through many updates before it went out of production in 2016. And since the model is no longer in production, vintage Land Rover Defenders are now all the rage, becoming serious collectibles and going for escalating prices in the United States. Land Rover states that about 2 million Land Rover Defenders were sold worldwide within its 67 years, with 75% still on the road today.

About the Vintage Land Rover Defender

Despite the vintage Land Rover Defender label, it’s hardly a far cry from current models. There may be no touchscreen or navigation within the cabin, but V8 power and a four-wheel drive system make the ride compelling.

Vintage Land Rover Defender at Off-Road Driving School

There are four Land Rover off-road driving schools in North America, where drivers can take on unpaved terrain and learn about all that Land Rover models have to offer. Now, the vintage Land Rover Defender is available for students to drive as part of the Land Rover Heritage Program.

So, why did Land Rover decide to roll out the vintage Land Rover Defender? For one, it’s a means of promoting the automaker’s 70th anniversary in 2018. And since a new Land Rover Defender model will soon be released, it serves as a way to tease drivers and get them excited.

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