Transit to Get to Staten Island, NJ

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Wondering what options there are for transit to get to Staten Island, NJ? From trains and buses to the free Staten Island Ferry, there are plenty of ways to travel to and get around Staten Island. Learn about your options from the team at Land Rover Edison!

Staten Island Ferry

The most popular means of transit to get to Staten Island, NJ is the Staten Island Ferry. The Ferry is free and it runs seven days a week, connecting New York City with Staten Island in about 25 minutes. Service is provided every 30 minutes all day, or from 7am to 11pm on select holidays. To take the Ferry from Manhattan, you will depart from Whitehall Terminal to arrive at St. George Terminal in Staten Island. When going this route, you have the opportunity to take in views of the New York City skyline, as well as the Statue of Liberty.

Express Bus System

Aside from the Staten Island Ferry, the only other transit to get to Staten Island, NJ from New York City is the express bus system. However, it’s important to note that express buses are largely deployed as a commuter service, and there are few evening and weekend trips.

Staten Island Railway

The Staten Island Railway connects Tottenville with St. George along a 14-mile stretch through the middle of the island. This serves as a popular way to get to the Staten Island Ferry, since trains are timed to meet each ferry departure. Those who use the Staten Island Railway also receive a free transfer to New York City subway lines.

New Jersey Transit

Some other options for transit to get to Staten Island, NJ stem involve New Jersey Transit, which includes:

  • Hudson-Bergen Light Rail
  • PATH subway, which runs between New Jersey and Midtown and offers connections in Newport, Pavonia, and Hoboken

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