Land Rover Partners with Sir Richard Branson for an Out-of-this-World Project

August 15th, 2016 by

The world is changing every day, and advances in technology and transportation are rapid. Civilian space travel is coming soon, and Land Rover and Sir Richard Branson are working together on this epic adventure. Both Land Rover and Sir Richard are innovators in their fields, focused on offering consumers the highest quality product the world has to offer. For Sir Richard, that product has long been Virgin Atlantic Airlines, one of the most prestigious in the world, while Land Rover has been producing the finest luxury SUVs on the road for decades. Together, they are working towards making space travel a real possibility in the not too distant future, starting with a spaceship. Sir Richard ‘s pursuit of space travel has been well publicized for many years, with his current project – the 7.3 ton Spaceship, VSS Unity – being tested in the Mojave Desert.

The new spaceship was debuted in the Mojave, pulled out to spectators by a Range Rover Autobiography. Land Rover has provided a fleet of vehicles for the VSS Unity’s Mojave base to provide support to the Virgin Galactic team and astronauts. With unparalleled towing capability, the Range Rover Autobiography is the pinnacle of the Range Rover lineup, offering what Land Rover describes as “the ultimate combination of capability and luxury” – a worthy companion to the extraordinary VSS Unity. While most drivers don’t require a vehicle capable of pulling a 7 ton spaceship, the entire lineup of Land Rover vehicles offer remarkable capabilities and sumptuous luxury, and they’re waiting for you here at Land Rover Edison.

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