Kitchen Car

October 19th, 2017 by

Thought you had a dream car? Well, think again.  Chef, Jamie Oliver has taken his ideal car to the next level.  With an obvious passion for food and love for Land Rovers, Oliver brought his ideas to the team at Jaguar Land Rover to combine the two.  Video shows Oliver getting in a Land Rover Discovery and spit balling a list of wild ideas to the team to transform the vehicle into a kitchen on wheels.

Word has is that there were a slew of ideas that never made it to the final finished product.  However, the features that did make the cut are not short of awesome.  Not to mention, extremely useful.  Some even being discussed as a possible option in future production.

The adapted Land Rover Discovery’s features range from the somewhat practical – a toaster in between the front seats – to the truly fanciful, such as a butter churner in one of the hubcaps. It also includes a rotisserie, slow cooker and built-in oil and vinegar dispensers.


All content comes from the Campaign article by Simon Gwynn with video by Jamie Oliver. Content and images are not representative of Ray Catena Land Rover Edison.


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