Introducing: The 2019 Range Rover Evoque

December 21st, 2018 by

On November 22nd, the brand new 2019 Range Rover Evoque launched via live-steam. Land Rover made many advancements in the technology that make up this already impressive vehicle.  However advancements on the body of the car were kept to a minimum. That is because of the undeniable successes that followed the launch of the very first Evoque some 7 years ago.

The technology advancements made on the new model are second to none. When selecting your Evoque, there are a range of diesel and petrol engines. Each include mild hybrid technology, allowing you travel moderate distances on electric power alone. The Evoque is also compiled with smart-car technology, meaning it senses your preferences upon your entry to the vehicle.  From the steering wheel to the climate control, your Evoque is able to be personalized completely to your liking. It even features massage chairs in the driver and passenger seats. The chair speeds can be programmed to go as fast, slow, hard, or light as you prefer.

In addition to everything mentioned, there is the Land Rover app. Here you have a multitude of small luxuries at your finger tips. You can track your Evoque if you don’t recall where you parked. You are able to pre-heat or pre-cool your vehicle ahead of time to ensure it’s the perfect temperature for your drive. You can even check your fuel efficiency. Aside from the app, you are able to leave your keys inside the car and lock it with your Land Rover activity wristband.  You can lock and unlock your Evoque simply by tapping the wrist band over the Land Rover emblem. But it doesn’t stop there. With front grille and door mirror cameras, there is a system that gives you a perfectly clear ground view. It then uses computer technology to superimpose virtual images of the back tires so you can see exactly where and what they are heading for.

Land Rover truly thought of everything when it came to conceptualizing perfection. But do we think they will think of even more advancements for the next Evoque, absolutely. Until  then, we’ll just enjoy the newest model and all of its many luxuries.



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