2024 Discovery vs. 2024 BMW X7

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Interested in a new luxury SUV? At Land Rover Edison, we understand that. And that is because our team specializes in premium vehicles that are still well-equipped for adventure. When shopping for a new SUV, it is important to do the proper research, including comparing what each vehicle brings to the table. So how does the 2024 Discovery compare to the BMW X7?

Off-Road Capability and Versatility

A 2024 Discover shows off its capability as a luxury SUV.

The 2024 Discovery is unrivaled in its off-road capabilities, a hallmark of the Land Rover brand. Equipped with a two-speed transfer case, adaptive air suspension, and Terrain Response systems, the Discovery is designed to tackle a variety of challenging terrains, from rocky paths to muddy trails. In contrast, while the BMW X7 offers an impressive all-wheel-drive system, it is primarily tuned for on-road comfort and lacks the specialized off-road features that give the Discovery its edge in rugged environments.

Family-Friendly Design

For families needing practicality alongside luxury, the Discovery again takes the lead. It offers seven full-sized seats, which are more accommodating in the third row compared to the X7’s tighter space. This makes the Discovery a better option for families with older children or adults who require comfortable seating during long journeys. Additionally, the Discovery’s interior is equipped with features like LATCH child seat anchors and a variety of storage solutions, enhancing its family-friendly appeal.

Towing and Utility

The Discovery not only excels in passenger comfort but also in utility. It boasts a towing capacity of up to 8,200 lbs, supported by advanced towing aids like the Electronic Air Suspension and Advanced Tow Assist, which provide stability and ease when towing large loads. The BMW X7, while capable, does not focus as heavily on these utilitarian aspects, prioritizing luxury and on-road performance instead.

Aesthetic and Design

While aesthetics are subjective, the Discovery presents a balanced blend of modern luxury and rugged charm, which appeals to those who desire a vehicle that looks at home both in urban settings and on adventurous excursions. The BMW X7’s design, characterized by its polarizing split-headlight face, may not appeal to everyone and has been a point of contention among critics.

How does the 2024 Discovery compare to the 2024 BMW X7?


The 2024 Discovery Is the Winner

Whether you are in Edison or the surrounding New Jersey area, the 2024 Discovery is a luxury SUV worthy of your consideration. From its capability to premium features, the new Discovery SUV is a vehicle ready for just about anything. And that is something you will see firsthand at Land Rover Edison. 

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