Range Rover Sport 2021 – Features & Specs Review

The Range Rover Sport 2021 is here to fulfill all your expectations. With a sporty design, premium interiors, and phenomenal performance, the SUV stays true to its promise of luxury. The Dynamics Response system makes for a smoother drive no matter where you go, while the Touch Pro Duo infotainment system allows intuitive interactions with your car. The Range Rover Sport’s dynamic design and roomy dimensions also sing through its robust built, and make it surpass many other vehicles in its class.

Range Rover Sport 2021 Frequently asked questions

The Range Rover Sport 2021 marks its status as an ideal compact SUV by paying equal attention to design and performance. Apart from its muscular exterior and sport accents, the car’s futuristic interior boasts of luxury materials and ambient lighting. A variety of engine options including a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) also bring more flexibility to your choices. With the standard feature of AWD, the vehicle lets you make the most out of your investment.

The Range Rover Sport 2021 starts from $69,500 in its most basic trim, which is dubbed the SE. The other six trims add more features and come at elevated costs. The price for the HSE Silver Edition starts at $78,500; HST at $84,000; HSE Dynamic at $87,500; Autobiography Dynamic at $90,000; SVR at $115,500; and SVR Carbon Edition at $130,000.

The Range Rover Sport models are known for retaining significant value over the first few years of their use. After five years, their value drops over 50 percent. But the demand for these luxury vehicles makes them easy to trade-in through upscale dealers and buyers alike.

The Range Rover Sport 2021 adds an optional upgrade to its interior air ionizer. The vehicle also introduces two new trims, namely the SVR Carbon Edition and HSE Silver Edition. Both options add design accents to existing trims and elevate your SUV’s overall looks.

The Range Rover Sport 2021 comes with various choices in diesel and gas engines and a PHEV option. This allows it to deliver different miles per gas (MPG) according to your chosen engine.
The diesel engine provides you with 22 MPG (city), 28 MPG (highway), and 24 MPG (combined).

  • The gas engine provides you with 17 MPG (city), 22 MPG (highway), and 19 MPG (combined).
  • The MHEV delivers 19 MPG (city), 24 MPG (highway), and 21 MPG (combined).
  • The SVR gets 15 MPG (city), 20 MPG (highway), and 16 MPG (combined).
  • The PHEV gives 42 MPG (combined) on an electric + gas hybrid, but goes to 19 MPG (combined) on premium gas.
  • The Range Rover Sport 2021 is only slightly more compact than the standard SUV, which lets you enjoy the luxury of a more expensive vehicle at a reduced price tag. Despite the difference in price from the full-size SUV, the Range Rover Sport doesn’t step back from style, comfort, or performance, which makes sure that you can enjoy a feature-rich driving experience without any compromises.

    The vehicle also offers superior handling across tougher terrains, which adds yet another layer to its overall value. With different engine options, superb interiors, and striking exteriors, the Range Rover Sport 2021 is worth the investment for anyone craving a luxury experience.

    What are the new features of the Range Rover Sport 2021?

    Variety of Engine Options



    The Range Rover Sport 2021 retains its approach of offering extensive customization for its engine power. These options include but are not limited to the standard turbocharged six-cylinder engine, the supercharged V8, and the plug-in-hybrid four-cylinder.
    Exceptional Handling



    The Range Rover Sport 2021 offers exceptional handling that surpasses many other vehicles’ performance in its size and class. Whether you are driving across smooth highways or bumpy roads, features such as adaptive air suspension don’t let the jolts and jumps disrupt your comfort.
    Adjustable Suspension



    The smooth handling of Range Rover Sport 2021 translates quite well in off-road settings, and makes the compact SUV worthy of holding “Sport” in its name. The Range Rover Sport 2021 comes with height-adjustable suspension that lets you cruise through rougher terrains with no issues. This also includes traction features for snowy and muddy roads.
    PHEV Engine



    The plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) model lets you enjoy the Range Rover experience while also being mindful of the environment. Through this option, your Range Rover Sport 2021 can also deliver exceptional mileage. As a result, you can rest assured that your luxury vehicle remains as friendly to the environment as it is to your comfort.
    Luxurious Design



    The Range Rover Sport 2021 comes equipped with incredible flair, which shows in its sharp exteriors and futuristic interiors alike. While the design projects a look that spells luxury in bold letters, the materials also deliver a superior feel right from the first glance itself. No matter where you drive, you can remain confident with the vehicle’s promise of style and comfort.

    What’s New for the Range Rover Sport 2021?

    The Range Rover Sport 2021 makes a few changes to its lineup of trims and adds two new offerings to the mix. These include SVR Carbon Edition and HSE Silver Edition. The Carbon Edition comes with carbon fiber design accents for the already-present SVR trim; while the Silver Edition brings silver accents and black gloss wheels to the existing HSE trim. All trims have AWD as a standard feature.

    The Range Rover Sport 2021 also enhances the interior air ionizer, which comes as an optional feature. Apart from these changes, the vehicle retains its standard options of off-road handling, adjustable suspension, and traction improvement features. The interiors remain exceptionally luxurious in even the most basic trim, with additions such as ambient lighting and 10-inch Touch Pro Duo infotainment system enhancing your driving experience. With meticulously designed contours and sporty accents, the exterior remains just as impressive as you expect it to be.

    With all of these features, the Range Rover Sport 2021 is ready to deliver your ideal driving experience every single day. To see how the vehicle can fit and elevate your lifestyle with its luxurious offerings, schedule a visit to Land Rover Edison. Through our range of Range Rover Sport 2021 in all offered trims, you can easily take your pick between SE, HSE Silver Edition, HST, HSE Dynamic, Autobiography Dynamic, SVR, and SVR Carbon Edition. You can also select from a range of exterior and interior color options, with the ability to seat up to 5 passengers. This capacity can be enhanced to 7 passengers.

    With its selection of different engines, the Range Rover Sport 2021 enhances your driving experience with engine options starting from 355-horsepower to 575-horsepower. You can also choose between different configurations such as a turbocharged inline-six engine, a turbodiesel V6 engine, a plug-in hybrid engine, and a supercharged V8 engine. At Ray Catena Land Rover Edison, we can help you explore all of these options to make an informed decision about the type of luxury experience you want.

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